Instagram Look 9

This is more of an everyday look that I wanted to do. it’s very simple to do and I got to try out Essence’s palette ‘all about the toffees’ which is a new palette they have released. This look is definitely something I can wear every day.



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Instagram Look 8

This time I was inspired by the 90s! Big curly hair, classic eye liner wings, glasses and the red lip! I am in love with this look and the best part is that every product is from Essence. Essence is my favourite brand of makeup at the moment.


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Instagram Look 7

I am studying costume, makeup and styling at film school. As part of an assignment I had to create a post apocalyptic story and then come up with a character to go with it. My inspirations came from “The 100” for my look and this is what I came up with! I had SO much fun creating this and I cant wait to create more looks like this.


close upraineside profile


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Instagram Look 5

Hey guys, here’s the next look. This look’s inspiration came from the need to do something edgy. You may notice that it’s similar to the last (minus the blood and cuts) this is because this is the same makeup from that same day just before I added the sfx makeup😉


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Instagram Look 4

This makeup look was inspired by being on set. For those of you who may not know, I’m a film student which means I get to play around with special effects makeup (sfx makeup). I was on set and I had to do some scars and cuts on the main actress. I also needed to practice for an assignment coming up and so here’s my attempt at sfx.


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