To those of you who may not know me personally…


Hey Everyone,

To those of you who may not know me personally, I have a real interest in style and makeup. It’s something which I love to try out however, being a shy type, I’ve never had the courage to go out in public with anything too bold if you know what I’m trying to get at.

PD & CMS is a subject package in which I have looked forward to this whole year. If you don’t know what PD & CMS stands for, PD is Production Design and CMS is Costume, Makeup, Styling. This means that I couldn’t be more happier to begin learning about the subject.

Fortunately for me, we have this program at my college called the Assist Program which is when the 1st years have to assist the 3rd years on their film. Along with two of my great friends, we were dubbed the PD & CMS assistants. It was a heap of work but it was such fun and I learnt a lot while on set. The 3rd year which was the head of the whole PD & CMS department was lovely and very open to when we asked questions. The entire experience made all three of us very excited to begin the subjects.

So PD & CMS basically means planning, researching, retrieving and setting up everything for the set, costume, makeup and hair. It’s actually a lot more work than what it sounds like but even more fun and creative than you would think too.

Over the course of this term I’ll keep you updated on what I learn and what I produce so I hope that you’ll enjoy and give feedback.

Until then,


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