M.I.N.D is the name of the film I am doing PD & CMS for this term.


M.I.N.D is the name of the film I am doing PD & CMS for this term. The film is basically about a character named Rebecca. Rebecca is in a mental institution after her traumatic past. The film follows her as she battles with her mind and how she tries to regain sanity.

Rebecca does self harm and therefore this requires me to creative fake self harm on her body. I also had to create a full nurse’s look. I did a practice shoot so below you’ll find some photos from the test shoots I did with the actors.

Rachel Murcia plays the character of Rebecca
Rebecca has lack of sleep and thus I made her have under eye circles.
I apologize for the bad quality photo but this is some bruising I did on her wrists for when she was in restraints in the film.
An example of the self harm cuts I’ll being doing on shoot.
Janine Brown plays the character of the nurse.
The nurse with her folder which is a prop being used.
A close up on the nurse’s makeup.
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